PLAYMOBIL and NHL For the Win!

According to my Facebook feed today, there are ten Fridays left until Christmas and you know what that means – let the wish lists begin! I’m sure my child isn’t the only one already on his first (or second) draft of a Santa letter. Now as a parenting blogger I’m often given the chance to preview toys before the general public, and back in July I saw some of Playmobil’s new play sets. I came home and told Jack to put nothing in stone yet. Not to make too big of deal out of it, but Jack – they made an NHL Playmobil set. Little Playmobil Rangers guys!

Playmobil Rangers NHL

Playmobil and the NHL have teamed up to deliver the coolest new hockey play set, and two weeks ago we were given the chance to attend the launch and meet one of my son’s heroes, a real live Ranger, Rick Nash. My husband was pretty darn excited too and offered to come along and help. I decided to put him to work and had him ask Rick about what his favorite hockey toy was as a kid. Jack tried to help…

So maybe the kid won’t grow up to be a reporter…

Great toys give kids a chance to use their imagination and immerse themselves in pretend. For some reason my little boy who has never even tried on a pair of ice skates is obsessed with hockey. He has a few play sets and figurines, he collects cast off pucks down at the street hockey rink and pretends he’s a Ranger scoring winning goals. When I saw this Playmobil set I couldn’t wait to show him. It has EVERYTHIING a kid needs to host his own mini playoff series. Right down to a tiny little Stanley Cup. There’s even a Zamboni.

playmobil nhl displayThe detail is super cool. Jack loved being able to use the included stickers to customize his figurine. He was thrilled to see that you can get referees. We all loved how you can really shoot the puck at the net with the trigger action on the players.

Playmobil NHL Set NYCJennyHuge thumbs up on this one, Playmobil! It ticks all the boxes my little hockey fan requires, and has made it to the top of his Christmas list. I suspect it will be that way for a lot of hockey loving kids this holiday season. The full line will be available October 15th and you’ll be able to find it at places like Amazon.

Ten Fridays left people, TEN FRIDAYS.


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