My Lucky Shoes – French Sole For The Win!

I used to wear high heels. My darling mother drilled it into me at a young age that formal occasions and formal wear of any sort demands heels. (It was the South, cut me some slack – we love a good formal wear occasion down South) Now, does anyone remember last year when we found out I had torn my left meniscus? Farewell my high heels…farewell, you were a danger to my comfort. Now right around the time I dropped off a giant bag of beloved heels at my local thrift shop, my husband’s show was nominated for an Emmy. I found myself with a fabulous dress, but a severe lack of fabulous shoes. The occasion called for fabulous – what’s a strictly flats wearing girl to do?! The week before the big event I was invited to a preview of the latest collection at French Sole. I mentioned my dilemma and the ladies in the shop rose to the challenge and gifted me with these gorgeous flats:

emmy french sole nycjenny

French Sole Belle 2 Sport Glitter flats with an Emmy on the side.

Spoiler alert – my husband’s show won that Emmy. Then we went out dancing until roughly 3am.  My shoes stayed on the whole time and I was so comfortable. Take that, torn meniscus! One of the ladies in our party ended up barefoot in Times Square because her “fabulous” heels gave her such pain. Barefoot in Times Square? No thanks.

Since that Emmy winning night on the town, I’ve gone on to wear these French Sole glitter flats to many a date night, girls night out, my 40th (!) birthday party and get this, to my husband’s SECOND EMMY WIN. It’s official these are my lucky shoes. They’re actually the only pair of shoes in my closet that are kept in their original shoe box swaddled in tissue when not worn. I treasure them and the memories I’m collecting in them.

I’ve gone on to collect two more pairs of French Soles. I think they’re becoming a small addiction of mine. They’re comfortable, super cute and go with everything from jeans to formal wear. So comfortable I recommend them to anyone who will listen, and I know I’m not the only one! I’ve overheard women in the store discussing how they buy several new pairs every time they’re in town!

Two weeks ago I was back in the shop for a sneak preview of the upcoming Fall collection and I found lots to love – including some heels for those of you who can’t live without! There were new evening looks and several daytime options that had me drooling. Here’s a little selection of what caught my eye:

French Sole Fall 2016 NYCJENNY

Clockwise from left: Terrazzo, Sara and Sweet

French Sole Fall 2016 Collection NYCJenny

Clockwise from left: Jigsaw (velvet!), Tangent, Talent and Tumble

French Sole shoes are easy to find online and if you’re here in NYC you should absolutely stop by their shops on Lexington Avenue. The outlet especially should not be missed if you’re a lover of a good bargain (and who isn’t?).

Ballet flats have been all the rage for quite a while now, and I’m hoping they stay that way. I adore them. I’m not out to convert everyone to all flats all the time, but I’m happy the option exists. Flats don’t have to be just for daytime looks – me and my lucky French Soles will stay out dancing all night, thank you very much!


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