Back to School Essentials (plus a GIVEAWAY!)

This might seem a little late in the game for a back to school post, but it’s September 7th and NYC kids still haven’t gone back to school yet. The highest of the holy days, the first day of school, happens tomorrow. A mere 8 days into September. This is New York, we do stuff on our own schedule. There are some preschools that don’t get going for another two weeks here!

So this one goes out to all the moms and dads who prepare like I do. Night before, rumaging through drawers looking for a clean shirt that won’t look too bad in first day photos. A quick trip to Target because you can’t find last year’s water bottle…  It’s down to the wire, you just need the essentials, people. (and stay tuned to the very end for a fun giveaway!

back to school essentials nycjenny

A backpack is a must. This year we have no uniforms to contend with and the idea of a new outfit for school seemed to bore my son to tears. “DO I HAAAAVE TO???” No, you don’t have to wear special new clothes, but you have to have a backpack so it might as well be fun. We fell in love with all the cute designs by Bixbee. I met them at Blogger Bash and Jack adores their cute “Rocketflyer” model that they were nice enough to give us. I love that for every one of their backpacks they sell, they donate a schoolbag and supplies to a kid in need through their One Here. One There.® program.

bixbee rocketflyer backpack

Inside the backpack you’ll most likely need to pack a lunch and/or snack at some point. Another product with a charitable bent landed on our desk this year. This time it’s from Yoobi.

youbi lunchbox nycjenny

For every Yoobi item you purchase, another is donated to a classroom in need in the United States. Beyond making it easy for us to help out, we loved the design of the lunchbox – it’s like a mini backpack! This design their “I am Other” is meant to be colored in so even if another child is carrying the same one? YOURS will be unique to you.

Inside we’ll be packing a Contigo bottle because seriously I’ve never found anything as leak-proof as these. Have you ever had to clean out spilled milk that sat all day in a lunchbox? I have. It’s not easy. Avoid that situation by not messing around – buy a quality bottle to pack. Jack’s a big fan of the autospout versions and steals mine all the time if he can’t find his. We HATE leaky bottles. Contigo has our back. (Plus the designs are just too cute)

contigo kids water bottle nycjenny

You could put your sandwiches and crackers into baggies, but by now we all know there’s a better solution for the environment and your kid. I guarantee if my kid’s lunch showed up all squished he wouldn’t eat it. Best protect it in a Sistema container.

sistema sandwich box nycjenny

Another Blogger Bash find, we’re now officially fans of Sistema containers. Phthalate & BPA Free and super easy to clean. I love this lunch cube that holds a sandwich (or bagel, this is NYC after all) and fruits, crackers, a whole applesauce pouch… on the other. The divider inside keeps things neat and tidy and the clips are easy enough for my 5 year old to open and shut himself. I’m looking forward to stocking up on more from this company!

Last, but not least you need some labels. I know they aren’t an essential, essential – a Sharpie will do in a pinch. BUT hear me out. These Mabel’s Labels “Write Away Labels” are awesome.

mabels labels write away nycjenny

I have used the preprinted ones, but still keep a packet of these “emergency” labels around. I think they make my kid’s name really stand out so our items keep coming home. 8 weeks of summer camp and he never once lost a water bottle. Last day of camp you should have seen the massive pile of lost water bottles. Not us. Plus these labels even had room to write his group number on them so if it did go missing, we’d have had a greater chance of it finding us. I’m a huge fan of thse things!

School shopping wasn’t so daunting, was it? The list that might have come home from school might have caused some panic, but I would never ask you to buy 50 glue sticks. Never.

Now I promised you a giveaway, yes? We’re giving away a Bixbee “Rocketflyer” backpack just like the one Jack is wearing above!  This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and over. Enter to win in the Rafflecopter box below. GOOD LUCK!!!! The giveaway will end on Thursday, September 15 at 12:00AM EST. The winners will be randomly selected, e-mailed on the 16th and given 24 hours to respond before we select a new winner. Keep an eye on your spam folder!
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  1. New clothes are essential for my son…he grows sooo fast still! Although im a procrastinator and havent actually gone back to school clothes shopping yet and school has been in session for two weeks already lol but it is still warm enough to be wearing summer clothes…in a couple more weeks it will be time for school pictures so he will need an outfit for that and i can buy more fall clothes at that point too, when its finally not 80 degrees anymore.

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