Quick Getaway to Stamford, CT – Yes, Stamford.

Living in the city can get you down. Living in the city with no Hamptons house, no ski lodge, no upstate cottage, no car… Man, this town can REALLY get you down. In the summer you had better just stay off Instagram as it’s just a constant reminder of who’s living their best life (i.e. not YOUR life) road-tripping it out of town. Well I’m here to say no more. Turn off social media and do your own thing, my friends.  For years we have done little weekend adventures that give us great joy, and I’m going to make it a project now to write them all down and share them. There is so much fun to be had within a short distance of NYC, and this weekend was honestly one of our best spur of the moment get out of town times.

We hit Metro-North and headed for Stamford, CT. I think everyone else had different plans as we had the whole train car to ourselves. That’s like a vacation in and of itself!

empty car

Honestly little kids and trains are a perfect match and Jack far prefers this method of travel to renting a car. Good thing as the train ride was $48 round trip for the three of us as opposed to a car which would have been $300+  Good job Jack.

train watching

I know Stamford, CT sounds a little not vacation-y, I mean didn’t you have to go to a business meeting there last week?  Alas, finding ourselves faced with a summer weekend empty of plans and priced out of any halfway decent beach hotel we needed to think outside the box. Could we just find a hotel with an outdoor pool? It’s roughly 5 million degrees outside with rainforest like humidity. I just wanted a pool. Can Metro-North get me to a pool. Why yes, yes it can.

Marriott Pool

I used Expedia to search by amenity “pool” and found a couple options. We went for the Marriott closest to the train station. A cheap Uber ride and I get points for staying there. Plus it was dirt cheap compared to the beach hotels. BOOK IT. The Stamford Marriott Hotel & Spa was fantastic to us. Everyone on staff that we encountered was so friendly. They gave us a super late check-out on Sunday so Jack could have a few more hours in the pool and sunshine, and I do mean HOURS. We had to pull this kid out of the pool kicking and screaming. They have stacks of huge pool towels on hand, btw – no schlepping towels. It’s an indoor/outdoor pool so I’m filing this one away for winter too.


While sitting by the pool Roger and I had googled “Water front dining Stamford” and came up with The Crab Shell. My lobster roll was awesome so I’m saying you should go. There was live music and outdoor seating and cold beer and boats docked at the marina. I felt like I was on a real vacation and not somewhere we just googled while sitting around the pool at the Marriott. Jack said it was beautiful as we watched the sunset and there was a kids menu. A+ all around.

crab shell

The hotel shuttle drove us to dinner and would have picked us up too, but we felt like Jack was fading fast and so we grabbed an Uber that was already dropping someone off. A shame because the hotel driver was so NICE. Did I mention that everyone was nice???

I have to also mention the late lunch we had at Bobby V’s. If your kid is a sports fanatic and the World Cup just happens to be going on…let’s just say he was happy. I have never seen televisions so large.  (be aware that there is a betting lounge upstairs so there are signs about wagering on horses everywhere – doesn’t bother us, heck we’ve even taken our kid to the track! but fyi just in case it would be an issue for your family)

bobby vs

Bobby V’s is a short walk from the hotel. While walking to lunch we passed some of the Seward Johnson statues that are gracing Stamford this summer. Jack particularly loved “Out to Lunch”.


We’d have loved to have seen the Marilyn Monroe statue (26 feet tall!), but it was 98 degrees and we just couldn’t make it. When this heat wave breaks we might go back because honestly, there was a lot more we could have done! Namely the afternoon schooner sail that was sold out our weekend. We’re coming back, Stamford, next time with a plan!

If you’ve been to Stamford, CT and have some fun ideas for us please leave a comment below or message me! We’re totally going back.


Quick Getaway to Stamford, CT – Yes, Stamford. — 3 Comments

  1. Next time check out Cove Island, a beautiful park and small beach. There’s a beachy food stand, beautiful views and you only pay to park, so an Uber there would mean free entry.

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